5 Best Yoga Knee Pads for Extra Support and Comfort

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HeathYoga TPE Yoga Knee Pad

I discovered the HeathYoga Yoga Knee Pad is the best yoga knee pad for extra support during countless hours of research and comparisons.

These knee pads offer you eco-friendly materials, non-slip performance, a sweatproof design, and superior cushioning.

There's also extra width compared to other pads, plus double-sided traction, easy clean-up, and long-lasting durability.

You get a superior indoor-outdoor support pad that's effortless to transport to your yoga classes for the ultimate knee comfort.

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Finding suitable yoga knee pads can be difficult when you're among the millions of people who suffer from debilitating injured knees. Whether it's joint pain, arthritis, and degenerative knee conditions, it can be tough to know which pad is suitable for your knees.

I know firsthand about these challenges. That's why I dedicated a good chunk of time investigating the yoga knee pads that are the best and most recommended by healthcare practitioners and seasoned yoga pros alike.

Here are my top 5 Best Yoga Knee Pads for Extra Support during your workouts.

Best Overall Option - HeathYoga TPE Yoga Knee Pad

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I love this knee pad because it's genuinely the yin and yang of yoga knee support. That's why it's my number one pick for 'Best Overall Extra Support Yoga Knee Pad.'

To start, the HeathYoga Knee Pad blends just the right amount of cushioning with excellent weight-bearing firmness. This keeps your knee's pressure points well aligned, supported, and stable.

The pad's 12mm thick, 26" long, high-quality construction is also well-balanced with its moderate price tag. And the environmentally friendly TPE materials are both biodegradable and highly durable.

This makes this pad so long-lasting that you might just become a master yogi yourself before you're ready to recycle it.

As if that weren't enough, the closed-cell construction has excellent traction. It keeps moisture from gathering on your body during your yoga routine so that you can stay dry and comfortable.

This sweatproof design also keeps you stable and balanced enough to feel safe stepping outside your comfort zone. You'll feel confident to try out new moves without worrying too much about joint discomfort.

That's why beginners and seasoned practitioners alike speak so enthusiastically about using the versatile HeathYoga Knee Pad not only for hot yoga and floor exercises but also to support their knees while gardening, camping, attending sporting events, and even giving the baby a bath!

The best part? This next-level knee pad comes in four stylish colors that perfectly complement almost any yoga mat.


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  • HeathYoga Yoga Knee Pad provides a superior cushion to disperse knee pain, support joint health, and boost your yoga practice.
  • It is made from eco-friendly TPE materials that are biodegradable and PVC, phthalate, and latex-free.
  • Its stable two-sided traction means you'll get a pad with a fantastic grip on multiple surfaces, so you don't have to worry about slips.
  • Its sweatproof design makes it the ideal knee pad for joint-healing Hot Yoga classes.
  • The pad rolls up easily like a yoga mat and includes an easy-carry strap, making it great for travel.
  • Because it's super easy to clean, it's ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Available in purple, dark blue, black, or teal.


  • It's firm, but the moderate thickness may not be enough cushion if you have more advanced knee issues.
  • There are a few issues with flattening it out if it's been rolled-up too long.

Most Adjustable And Supportive (Dual) Yoga Knee Pads:

Original Yoga Stick-e® Knee & Wrist Saver™

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Suppose you're looking for joint support not only for yoga but also for activities like typing, gardening, Pilates, and even cleaning your house.

In that case, I'd recommend the patented Original Yoga Stick-e® Knee & Wrist Saver™.

The adjustable Velcro straps with extension allow you to move these two pads to the perfect spot at or below your knee. This makes them a big hit for those who've had knee replacement surgery.

Plus, the attachable Stick-e's® double as wrist support when you remove the extension.

Finally, because they're packaged separately, you can even place one on your knee and the other on your wrist (or elbow) while doing multiple yoga poses.

You get convenient comfort, support, and flow without having to constantly readjust these pads like you would for a cushion, block, or blanket.

Plus, these knee pads are easily portable. They are small and lightweight enough that they're easily carried to the gym, thrown into your vehicle, or packed away in your suitcase for your next travel adventure.

The patented foam design is orthopedic surgeon approved and moves pressure and stress away from your joints while still allowing for maximum flexibility.

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  • The ultra-lightweight Knee and Wrist Savers are great for various moves, such as strengthening, stretching, and weight-bearing yoga asanas.
  • You can enjoy multiple points of stress relief, including on the knees, wrists, and elbows.
  • They're highly portable for travel, in-studio classes, or work around the house and yard.
  • The adjustable straps with extensions can be worn at or below the knee.
  • Their joint supportive design is orthopedic surgeon-approved.


  • The foam design is supportive but can feel a bit hard and a little bulky on sensitive knees.
  • They sometimes slip when you sweat a lot, so they're not ideal for hot yoga.

Most Versatile Yoga Knee Pad

HuggerMugger Deluxe Wool Yoga Blanket

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While the Yoga Stick-e® Knee & Wrist Saver™ is excellent for numerous on-the-go activities, the HuggerMugger Deluxe Wool Yoga Blanket is a soft, comforting, and firm shape-changer. In addition, it can be folded or rolled into multiple forms that support your knee health.

It's genuinely the innovator of the yoga world and can be easily adjusted into nearly any shape you can imagine suiting your comfort level.

People with arthritis or stiff and weak knees love it as a bolster or modifier underneath their butt. This helps provide extra padding and reduce knee strain during moves like Child's Pose or even more advanced exercises like the Yogi Squat (Malasana).

You can even mold it into a wrist, elbow, shoulder stand, and headstand cushion.

I also adore it because it is the only yoga support pad on the list that gives that cozy "hygge" feeling for both mind and body support. That's why it's recommended to snuggle into it for warmth during meditative poses like Savasana, which is part of the joint-strengthening Hatha Yoga practice.

Plus, a little care goes a long way with the HuggerMugger. The non-scratchy, soft wool/cotton/polyester/nylon blend can be hand washed or even tossed in the washing machine on cold, then laid out to dry or tumbled on low.

In addition, the wool's anti-bacterial wicking properties make it a great sweat-protectant to keep water away from your skin as you strengthen your joints.

This generously sized 80" x 60" x 1/16" blanket also does double duty as a restorative prop to truly boost your yoga practice.

Whether you're recovering from knee surgery, dealing with chronic pain, or just need a little extra support.

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  • Great as a knee bolster that can be shaped into a thick pillow for more intense joint discomfort, a modifier under your seat, pelvis, and shoulders, or placed wherever you need the support
  • The dense wool material is anti-bacterial and helps keep moisture away from your skin.
  • It's perfect for keeping you warm during meditative practices.
  • It's highly pliable to help with flexibility and strengthening of your knees.
  • The beautiful deep purple, gray, or navy colors make for a joy-inducing, stylish yoga prop.


  • The higher price tag reflects its long-lasting, durable design and multi-functional support features.
  • It's not as slip-proof as some TPE knee pads.
  • It may emit a strong odor when wet due to the wool's chemical makeup. Regular washing and hanging in the fresh air helps alleviate.
  • Some shrinkage may occur if you tumble it dry on 'high' settings.

Most Supportive Yoga Knee Pad:

ProsourceFit Exercise Balance Pad

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The combined high-density and ultra-thickness of this yoga knee pad give you a double dose of therapeutic support.

In fact, at 2.4 inches (61mm), it's the thickest pad on this best list.

The cushy foam padding is perfect for kneeling or stretching moves when you have bad knees.

The pad is also designed to destabilize you – in the best way possible! By sinking into it during standing, squatting, or stabilizing kneeling moves, your joints and core muscles are strengthened because they have to work harder to keep you balanced.

This is why so many physical therapists recommend this non-slip exercise pad to their therapy patients after an injury or surgery.

The high-density thickness is also excellent for doing yoga moves like the step through. You can create an "obstacle" that optimizes your flexibility and core strength.

Since it's both a knee pad and a prop made to help your progress, both athletes and people improving their health use the ProsourceFit.

It's common for yoga, Pilates, and even customized therapy sessions.

Like the HeathYoga pad, the ProsourceFit Exercise Balance Pad is designed with eco-friendly closed-cell TPE material that helps block sweat and odor. It is easy to clean using just a little mild detergent and water.

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  • Designed specifically to help your muscles and joints build strength and flexibility during yoga, Pilates, stretching, and physical therapy
  • The closed-cell, eco-conscious TPE material helps keep odor and sweat away.
  • The non-slip design makes it safe for training on hard surfaces.
  • It's excellent for older adults and beginners.
  • It's thick enough to be used as a strategically placed prop to help you optimize your yoga moves.
  • It's available in three trendy colors: light purple, blue, or black.
  • The pad is perfect for a meditation cushion, gardening pad, seat, wrist, and elbow pillow.
  • It's lightweight enough to take with you around town or on longer trips.
  • It's competitively priced.


  • At just over 15" long, this is one of the shorter free-standing knee pads.
  • The destabilizing design isn't a top option for everyone, especially if your knees need firmer support.
  • Some people report issues with it flattening out after regular use.

Most Budget-Friendly Extra Support Knee Pads

REEHUT Yoga Knee Pad – Elbow Pad

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With 15mm of generous thickness for just under $15, the 24" X10" REEHUT Yoga Knee Pad is a budget-friendly choice for yogis seeking relief for both their wallets and their sensitive pressure points.

Built-in cushioning helps your knees and your elbows, wrists, and forearms for yoga moves like planks and mountain climbers.

This one offers lots of stability, making it a good option for joint protection during yoga, HIIT classes, and Pilates.

Like several others on the best list, it's a great multi-purpose pad for gardening, camping, and doing chores around the house.

I found that people with arthritis, knee replacement surgery, and inflamed joints by and large agree that the REEHUT gets the job done.

Suppose you're looking for a mid-quality knee pad constructed from eco-friendly materials. In that case, I'd recommend giving the REEHUT a try.

But, of course, if you decide it isn't quite the right fit for your knee support needs, you can always return it within 30 days - no questions asked.

Its interior is crafted from NBR foam. It comes in either bright purple or midnight black, with a non-slip surface that's perfect for stretching poses like 'cat cow' during your morning wakeup routines. 

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  • This is the most affordable yoga pad I found, and it's great for beginners
  • It's long enough to offer knee support for a multitude of exercises, from yoga and HIIT classes to Pilates and core work
  • It rolls up easily and comes with a convenient carrying strap for easy transport
  • With a non-slip design, you can feel confident placing this on your yoga mat or other surfaces
  • The PVC-free NBR foam material is both chemical and toxin-free
  • You can return it within 30 days for a full refund
  • It offers a great deal of stability, along with a generous 15mm of cushioning for your pressure points


  • Although the REEHUT is not ranked as durable as some higher-priced knee pads, it does come with a one-year warranty and a lifetime of customer support
  • The design isn't sweatproof to wick water away from your body during yoga sessions, so it's not ideal for hot yoga
  • Some people experience issues with it lying flat after shipping

Buying Guide

What to look for in Yoga Knee Pads



Yoga Knee Pads are woven from a combination of natural and synthetic fibers, and you'll find that most are foam, gel, or even silicon-based.

If your skin is highly sensitive, avoid materials that cause you itchiness or irritation, or look for an allergen-free cover.

Gel and Silicon

Gel knee pads tend to contour around your knees and cradle your hands, wrists, and elbows. Since they adapt to your body shape, they're sometimes challenging for beginners seeking a more stable pad. However, they are great for an intermediary to advanced yoga practitioners.

Silicon is a more dense material that sticks to your yoga mat or hard surface to provide you with support. Like the gel pads, they require correct placement for optimal success and are best for more seasoned yogis.

Although no gel or silicon knee pads made our Best Yoga Knee Pads for Extra Support list, a few came close.

If you're looking for some personalized contouring around your pressure points during yoga, consider Gaiam's Gel Yoga Knee Pads or the silicone-based Yoga Jellies.


Foam tends to offer more stability than gel, making these knee pads better for beginners and older adults.

In addition, some thicker foam mats build up your joint and core stomach muscles by adding extra 'cush' and are the mats most recommended by physical therapists.

Foams like Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) and Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) might sound like chemical concoctions made in a mad scientist's lab, but they're actually some of the most environmentally conscious materials you can choose for your knee pads!

Sometimes cotton and jute are used as well and are also great environmental choices.


The best yoga knee pads can range from under $15 to over $50, with the majority falling within the $20-$30 range.

When deciding on a price, consider the yoga pad's dimensions, amount of cushioning, portability, durability, adaptability, versatility of use, environmental impact, and how much traction it provides.

Also, think about whether it's designed to repel water and aromas. The more features that meet your 'wish list,' the more value the knee pad has.

Style and Design

Looking good is definitely part of feeling good, and the best yoga pads will come in colors and textures ranging from bright pastels to deep, rich hues. Natural materials and eco-friendly designs can also add to the beauty of your yoga knee pad.

When it comes to design, ask yourself a few key questions: what length, width, and amount of cushion (height) would be most comfortable?

Wider shapes tend to allow for more balance, and cushier pads are better for sensitive knees but don't provide as much balance.

Also, think about whether you prefer straps for your knee pads. Straps help you not have to readjust when you change positions.

Or perhaps a stand-alone pad with more versatile placement options is right for you.


Look for easy roll-up or folding options for your knee pads, mainly if you have limited storage space.

Also, consider the care needs. For instance, it's recommended to store wool yoga blankets in a room with stick-on air fresheners.


Anti or non-slip covers are always excellent options to increase your traction and stability. Closed-cell construction also adds traction so that your knee pad stays in place better on multiple surfaces and yoga mats.

Support 101: The Yin and Yang of Yoga and Your Knees

What are the Benefits of Yoga Knee Pads?

The perks of using yoga knee pads during workouts are numerous. They help you take the weight off your sore joints, relieve stress on your pressure points, and even modify your yoga moves to help you with your knee discomfort and pain.

The best yoga knee pads help you boost your yoga practice. Especially if you have chronic knee pain, arthritis, knee injuries, aging joints, weak muscles, or are recovering from surgery. They provide support, stability, and comfort.

Is Hot Yoga Good for My Knees?

If you're experiencing chronic knee pain, Bikram or hot yoga can be an excellent option for you. Hot yoga detoxes your body to help relax your muscles. Remember to choose a knee pad that's built to be sweatproof to help keep you safer from slips during these yoga sessions.


To Wrap Up

Every yoga knee pad has its advantages and drawbacks. Some include great cushioning for sensitive knees but less stability. In contrast, others offer a lower price tag without long-lasting durability.

HeathYoga Yoga Knee Pad is the definite winner on this list. It has the most high-quality features, which are a "leg up" above the rest when it comes to the excellent knee joint support for your yoga practice.