Tai Chi for Veterans

 Our Vets get FREE Tai Chi. You get paid. 

Tai Chi for Veterans is a new federal program from the Veterans Administration Community Care Network (VACCN). This program will pay instructors an average of $35 per person, per session to teach FREE TaijiFit classes to Veterans.

Grow Your Own Successful Wellness Business

Be in Tai Chi For Veterans Network

Help Others Towards Wholeness

A Taijifit Certification Comes With

Many Benefits 

TaijiFit is the official certification for the VA
Earn Full-Time
Income, Part-Time
Join a community of world changers

TaijiFit Certification is the recognized form for the Tai Chi for Veterans project. It is a healing routine that can be taught by all ages.

The generous payout from the Veterans Administration is $35 dollars per vet, per class. You could work to take an extra week on your vacation or turn it into a full career.

We are a big-hearted bunch with a passion for seeing others become whole. There is a motto around here, "When one is not whole, the whole world is not whole". We are here to change that!

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Tai Chi for Veterans is a program that helps us give back to those who gave so much for our democracy. It's also a program that is going to turn the fitness world on its head. 

You don't need to have a fitness background to participate, you just need a willingness to learn and help those who are in need. Tai Chi is a slow-moving, low impact activity that can be taught and enjoyed across multiple generations. ​


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Who Should Become A TaijiFit Instructor?

Established Fitness Professionals

If you already run a fitness or yoga studio, a TaijiFit certification is a great addition to your business. The payout for hosting Tai Chi for Veterans classes is unprecedented and will disrupt the fitness industry!

College Students

Part-Time or Retired Workers

If you looking for part-time work or are retired looking to help others (and afford to bring the grandkids on that next vacation), then this opportunity is great for you. To stay eligible for the program you need to teach only 1 class a month!

Say no to student debt! The payout for classes is unprecedented. A TaijFit certification can allow you to pay off yoru debt while maintaining a high G.P.A.!

TaijiFit is the official certification for the VA

Learn 18 movements, and 2 beginner routines

Average 45 Days to Complete

Focus on routine over "perfect form"

All ages can participate

Online Training From the Comfort of Your Home

What You Get with Certification
  • Complete Online TaijiFit Course ($449 Value)

  • Access to Tai Chi For Veterans Network ($249 Value)

  • Marketing Materials to Help You Succeed ($199 Value) *Coming Soon*

  • Monthly Live Hangouts with David-Dorian Ross ($99 Value)

  • Build Clientele Outside Vets Community (Be Your Own Boss...Priceless!)

Marcus Julian Carbo | PA

"As a veteran who found Tai Chi to be a literal lifesaver, learning to deliver its benefits in an easily digestible, instantly beneficial, and, most importantly, fun manner, has been an amazing experience." 

Ron Pfeiffer | WI

"Professional, Helpful, and Encouraging; These three adjectives sum up my experience with TaijiFit and the Tai Chi for Veterans program!"


What Is My Investment?

The price of certification could be made back by teaching ONE CLASS! Don't pass up on the introductory, early-bird offer of $249. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this new program and be the go to teacher in your county!

Start Certification Today!

Early Bird Offer $249 

Every year there is a $99 administration fee

TaijiFit, LLC (TaijiFit) is pleased to announce it has contracted with Optum, who has been selected to manage the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Community Care Network (CCN). TaijiFit will help to provide Tai Chi networks in your region on behalf of Optum.


TaijiFit would like to invite you to become a TaijiFit network provider for the VA CCN. VA CCN brings together the health care services of the Veterans Health Administration and supplements them with the network of community health care professionals, institutions, pharmacies and suppliers to provide timely access to high-quality health care. By becoming a VA CCN provider, your practice becomes visible to a greater patient population. 


Participation will benefit your practice, and eligible Veterans:

  • Any Veteran who is eligible to receive care in the community due to either time or distance-eligibility may be issued a referral from the VA to be seen in your practice.

  • Participation gives you an opportunity to serve a greatly respected population of individuals who have bravely served our country.

  • TaijiFit is committed to serving Veterans by providing you with assistance and support.


To verify TaijiFit is the sole network manager, please call Optum at 800-873-4575. Proceed to bypass the automated questions about provider numbers and TIN to speak directly with a representative.