Get Paid To Host Tai Chi Classes For Vets

Create Space, Get Trained, Serve Those Who Served, Get Paid

How Do You Host a Class?

Sign a Donation Letter

Get a TaijiFit Certified Instructor

Commit to One

Class a Month

Get Paid!

Send Report to

VA Every Month

Track Classes Through MindBody App

Why Tai Chi is Great for Our Veterans

Helps With PTSD

Helps Reduce Anxiety

Improves Balance

Can Be Practice Seated

Boosts Cognitive Abilities

Can Be Practice By All Ages

What Venues Are a Good Fit For This Program?

Health Clinics

Senior Centers


Yoga Studios

Fitness Centers

Dance Studios


Community Centers


Average Payout of $35 per vet, per class!*

*Referal give Veteran 30 classes per yer

Where Is This Program Offered?

All States/Counties Live by Spring 2020*

Go-live Dates Are

To Be Determined

*Go-Live rollout goes in phases and is by county. Some counties in Green States are already live.

What If You Don't Know Anybody That Teaches Tai Chi?

Our CEO David-Dorian Ross has been teaching and training Tai Chi Instructors for over 40 years. He has created a robust online certification program that focuses on teaching "Teachers" rather than the next Tai Chi Master.


Our TaijiFit Certification Program is 150 hours and will get you ready to participate in the network. David-Dorian hosts monthly training to keep you progressing in the craft. 

The TaijiFit Certification

Step 4

TaijiFit holds the exclusive contract to build the provider network for Tai Chi Instructors for the Community Care Network (CCN). Our training is the official certification for this new Federal Program.



Average 45 Days to Complete

Get Certificate

Sign up for certification

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

What Do You Get By Being a Host Venue?

Marketing Materials*

Instructor Support

Increased Revenue

*As They Become Available

Marcus Julian Carbo | PA

"As a veteran who found Tai Chi to be a literal lifesaver, learning to deliver its benefits in an easily digestible, instantly beneficial, and, most importantly, fun manner, has been an amazing experience." 

Ron Pfeifer | WI

"Professional, Helpful, and Encouraging; These three adjectives sum up my experience with TaijiFit and the Tai Chi for Veterans program!"

What Others Are Saying About TaijFit

Technicalities About This Program*

If VA medical center offers Tai Chi Classes then the Veteran must attend at VA Unless ONE of the following is true...


30 Minute Drive

VA Hospital is a 30-minute commute away

The class schedule doesn't work with the Veterans schedule

The class is at capacity

*Check with your local VA to see if applicable

Tai Chi for Veterans in a Nutshell

Vets Get

Doctor Referral

Vet Signs Up

For Class

Instructor Teaches Class at Venue

Veteran Feels Better

Venue & Instructor Get Paid

What Is My Investment?

Great News! To be a host venue all you need to do is sign a Donation Letter stating that your facility is providing space for this program. 

The price of instructor certification is $249.

This can be made back by teaching ONE CLASS! 


Don't pass up on the introductory, early-bird offer of $249.

This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this new program and be the go-to teacher and venue in your county!

Host Classes Only


Place order for Donation Letter and Instructions to become host Venue (FREE)

Host Class and Instructor Certification

Place your order now for only $249


After you hit submit you will get a link to fill out instructor information


Wondering If This Program Is Right For You?

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