Tai Chi for Veterans

Our Veterans get FREE Tai Chi. You Get Paid.

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TaijiFit Is the Official Certification for the Community Care Network

TaijiFit Certification is the recognized form for the Tai Chi for Veterans Program. It is a healing routine that can be taught by all ages. 

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Earn A Full-Time Income, Part-Time.

The generous payout from the Veterans Administration is $35 dollars per vet, per class. You could work to take that extra week on your vacation or turn it into a full-time career.

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Join a Community of World Changers

We are a big-hearted bunch with a passion for seeing others become whole. There is a motto around here, "When one is not whole, the whole world is not whole". We are here to change that!

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Online Training From the Comfort of Home

  • Average 45 Days to Complete
  • Focus on Routine Over "Perfect Form"
  • All Ages Can Participate
  • Learn 18 Movements, and 2 Beginner Routines
  • All Training Done Online
  • Go at Your Own Pace
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The Tai Chi for Veterans Mission

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Tai Chi For Veterans in a Nutshell 

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Veteran Gets Doctor Referral

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Vet Signs Up For Class

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Instructor Teaches Class

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Veteran Feels Better

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Instructor Gets Paid

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Where This Program is Offered

  • Orange States/Counties Live by Spring 2020
  • Blue States/Counties Go-Live Starting July 2020
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Become a Tai Chi For Veterans Instructor

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Established Fitness Professionals

Already run a fitness or yoga studio? 

A TaijiFit certification expands your business. Tai Chi for Veterans classes pay highest reimbursement rates in the fitness industry.

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Part-Time or Retired Workers

If you looking for part-time work or are retired looking to help others (and afford to bring the grandkids on that next vacation), then this opportunity is great for you. To stay eligible for the program you need to teach only 1 class a month!

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College Students

Say no to student debt! The payout for classes is unprecedented. A TaijFit certification can allow you to pay off your debt while maintaining a high G.P.A.



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What You Get With a Tai Chi For Veterans Certification?

  • Complete Online Training Course
  • Monthly Live Hangouts With David-Dorian Ross
  • The License to Use Material to Build Your Own Buisness
  • Marketing Materials To Help You Succeed (Coming Soon)
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Marcus Carbo | PA

"As a veteran who found Tai Chi to be a literal lifesaver, learning to deliver its benefits in an easily digestible, instantly beneficial, and, most importantly, fun manner, has been an amazing experience." 

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Ron Pfeiffer | WI

"Professional, Helpful, and Encouraging; These three adjectives sum up my experience with TaijiFit and the Tai Chi for Veterans program!"

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Invest in your Future Now

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Bronze Plan

$24.99/ Monthly

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Silver Plan

$34.99/ Monthly

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Gold Plan

$44.99/ Monthly




Bronze Features Plus:

  • Registered as VA Community Network Provider
  • Real-Time Tai Chi for Veterans Updates
  • Venue Placement Guidance*
  • Optum & VA Portal Access*  

*Available after completion of certification

Click Here for More Information on The Tai Chi for Veterans Program

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Silver Features Plus:



  • Learn with David-Dorian Ross (DDR)
  • Weekly Mentoring Sessions with DDR
  • DDR'S Fast Track to Certification  
  • Priority Support
  • Epidemic Sound Music License to use for your live classes




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Gold Features:



  • Online Mentoring Program (OMP)
  • OMP Master Trainer Certification Practice 
  • OMP: Build Social Media Following *
  • OMP: Being An Online Instructor* 
  • OMP: Tech Guidance *
  • OMP: Best Business Practices*
  • Marketing Materials  **
  • Potential Placement As An Official TAIJIFIT Online Instructor* 


*Available after completion of certification

** Coming Soon 

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Important F.A.Q.

Please read before signing up! 


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