TaijiFit Academy

2023 Enrollment Plan + Additional Information 

The new TaijiFit Academy Learning Path is part of our plan to improve the experience for our instructors as they learn the TaijiFit Method and get certified to teach the TaijiFit way. 

Let's break it down and take a look at each step of this new student journey... 

Your very first step will be one of the TaijiFit Fundamentals courses, where you will learn about Flow itself. This is the heart of the TaijiFit Method.

Once you've completed that, you will either be invited to take a self-study course to learn more about the basics, or you'll be invited to the Learning Path. The Learning Path is how you become a TaijiFit Instructor. Keep reading!

TaijiFit 101: Original Flow

The first step on the Learning Path. This covers the fundamentals of Tai Chi and the TaijiFit Method.

TaijiFit 200: Mastering Flow Cueing

Help others escape from the anxieties and negativities that come from Stress.


TaijiFit 300: Philosophy of Flow

In the The Philosophy of Flow  course, you will learn The difference between Enlightened Mind vs. the Ego Mind, About your Authentic Self and Adaptive Self, and much more.

Apprenticeship Program Highlights

  • Tech training in various audio, video and recording softwares
  • Marketing training within compliance and non-solicitation restrictions
  • Training to help build relationships with local VAMC and communities
  • Teaching Flow Shows
  • Teaching Paid Classes through the VACCN
  • VACCN enrollment training
  • ...plus more!

For those of you who don't need all of the pieces of the Apprenticeship Program, we present...

The Referral Program

When enrolled in this program, we will handle the marketing, scheduling and billing and all you have to do is show up and teach your class! You will get to keep your current referrals, as we boost your classes with the referrals we get for you. 

Continuing Education

The TaijiFit Fusion Series is designed to further your TaijiFit education.On the Learning Path, you are required to take one of these amazing  courses per year.

Each Fusion course introduces a new essential TaijiFit principle.