Region 4 Instructor Registration

Once you are credentialed with TriWest, here are the steps to take to get set up for Referrals, Claims and Billing. 

Please make sure to read all instructions carefully as you navigate through this process. If you get stuck or have any questions, reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

Register for your Availity Account.

Availity is the portal you will use to manage your Organization and Provider information as well as your claims and payments. 

Registration Walkthrough

Register your Organization inside Availity Portal.

Once you have registered for your Availity Account, you will need to Register or Link to your Organization (business).


Register for HealthShare Referral Manager (HSRM)

Once you are registered on Availity, it's time to register inside the HealthShare Referral Manager (HSRM).


IMPORTANT: When registering, make sure to use the information you supplied on your TriWest Application. If you are unsure about your Application or information, please let us know and we can send it to you.

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