Online/OnDemand Training

​TaijiFit Online Instructor Training

TaijiFit offers a complete web-based training program for certification as a TaijiFit Flow instructor. This is a very robust course - with just as much information, education and interaction as one of our live in-person courses. In fact, both the online course and the in-person courses will use the same training modules and online video libraries and exercises.

The TaijiFit Basic Instructor training will teach you how to lead others into a Tai Chi experience easily, effortlessly and enjoyably. Your students don't have to memorize any complex movements, principles or routines - and are never corrected or criticized.


You will learn how to lead a class based on a concept we call "FLOW," using our special cueing and assessment method. In the full training you'll learn all the essential techniques and philosophy of the method, along with a beginning repertoire of 18 movements, and two beginners' routines.

TaijiFit™ Basic Instructor Training

Level One training in the TaijiFit Method

Course Modules - an outline of course content

  • Course Overview and Instructor Manual - 6 lesson​s

  • Full-length Flow class - 3 lessons

  • Who is TaijiFit - company history, mission and philosophy - 9 lessons

  • What is TaijiFit Flow? - 8 lessons

  • Daily Practice - 6 lessons (live)

  • TaijiFit Biomechanics - 8 lessons

  • Basic Flow Repertoire - 9 lessons

  • Qi-cueing - 4 lessons

  • Transitions - 2 lessons

  • Basic TaijiFit Flow Routine (standing) - 9 lessons

  • Practice Final (live)

  • Full-length Seated Flow Class - 2 lessons

  • TaijiFit "Modifications" Theory - 4 lessons

  • Business Essentials - 4 lessons

  • Mentoring Sessions - 6 lessons (live)

  • Observation and Assessment - 4 lessons

  • Using Music in TaijiFit - 4 lessons

  • "Teaching" in TaijiFit - 3 lessons

  • Safety and Special Populations - 6 lessons

  • The TaijiFit Brand - 2 lessons

  • Leading Online Flow - 4 lessons (live)

  • Basic Seated Flow Routine - 10 lessons

  • Final Exam (live)

Our Recruiting and Placement Program:​

As a certified TaijiFit instructor, you will have the opportunity to become part of the nationwide network of instructors who work with our healthcare and corporate wellness partners. TaijiFit has entered into a unique relationship with the country's largest hospital system and the largest health care provider to provide community Tai Chi classes to more than 9 million eligible members. The purpose of the Instructors Network is to assist you in growing your business by giving you access and promoting you to this special population.

NOTE: Being a part of the network means you meet the highest professional standards of Tai Chi teachers. Requirements include being a fully certified TaijiFit instructor, passing a criminal background check, providing proof of minimum liability insurance, having an NPI number, TIN, and having a business license for your state. The annual license fee for maintaining membership in the network is $99, and a requirement for continuing education.