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Every Monday, you'll get an email with an uplifting message or lesson. These emails are always focused on ways to make your life better, using lessons that are relevant to TaijiFit. 


Access to exclusive Monthly Hangouts

Join us Live on Zoom! Every month, David-Dorian, members of the TaijiFit team, and our community members hop on Zoom for an hour to discuss everything TaijiFit. We also just hang out and catch up! It's a great way to meet other members of the TaijiFit community.


First in Line for a Seat in Class

When you're part of the Good Life Community, you get first dibs on seats in the TaijiFit Academy classes when enrollment opens up. Our community members are always first in line!


Join David-Dorian's Zoom Room during his Flow Shows

Hang out with DDR Live during his Monday and Tuesday Flow Shows, in his private Zoom Room! This is your opportunity to hang out with DDR and other members of the Community during the best part of the day—Flow Show time.

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