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Tia Chi Flow Retreat

From Head to Heart

Sept 5-8, 2019

Boone, NC

All too often our physical bodies are the first place we feel pain and suffering. These complaints turn into stories about what is “wrong” with us, which in turn limits us from experiencing life to the fullest. Your body represents the mirror of your soul, it’s aches and pains or chronic illnesses are a reflection of the disconnection to your authentic life.


Join world-renowned Tai Chi Master, David-Dorian Ross, for a weekend of exploration in the mind, body and spirit using Tai Chi, yoga, guided meditation, QiGong and other somatic practices to open up your inner potential. Find out what the weakest link is in your life and gain valuable tools that you can use everyday to shift your life into a place of powerful transformation.


Power Freedom and Flow is a holistic approach designed to enhance your vitality, free you from internal and external constraints and help you gain a sense of uninterrupted connectedness. Leap into the unknown, resolve to do things differently, design the life you were always meant to live.


Return home with your own personally designed body, mind and spirit practice.


Items to bring: Comfortable exercise attire.


All levels welcome. No yoga or tai chi experience necessary. TaijiFit Instructors will receive TaijiFit CEC Credits.



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