Course Description

​TaijiFit Instructor Training

TaijiFit International offers a professional Tai Chi teacher training program. We oversee the training and credentialing of Tai Chi teachers for veterans. We are the only educational course that has been recognized by all fitness certification organizations as well as the national association for acupuncture and Oriental medicine (NCCAOM). TaijiFit invites you to join the fastest growing network of certified Tai Chi instructors.

The TaijiFit Basic Instructor training will teach you how to lead others into a Tai Chi experience easily, effortlessly and enjoyably. Your students don't have to memorize any complex movements, principles or routines - and are never corrected or criticized.


You will learn how to lead a class based on a concept we call "FLOW," using our special cueing and assessment method. In the full training you'll learn all the essential techniques and philosophy of the method, along with a beginning repertoire of 18 movements, and two beginners' routines.

TaijiFit™ Basic Instructor Training

Level One training in the TaijiFit Method

Course Modules - an outline of course content

  • Course Overview and Instructor Manual - 6 lesson​s

  • Full-length Flow class - 3 lessons

  • Who is TaijiFit - company history, mission and philosophy - 9 lessons

  • What is TaijiFit Flow? - 8 lessons

  • Daily Practice - 6 lessons (live)

  • TaijiFit Biomechanics - 8 lessons

  • Basic Flow Repertoire - 9 lessons

  • Qi-cueing - 4 lessons

  • Transitions - 2 lessons

  • Basic TaijiFit Flow Routine (standing) - 9 lessons

  • Practice Final (live)

  • Full-length Seated Flow Class - 2 lessons

  • TaijiFit "Modifications" Theory - 4 lessons

  • Business Essentials - 4 lessons

  • Mentoring Sessions - 6 lessons (live)

  • Observation and Assessment - 4 lessons

  • Using Music in TaijiFit - 4 lessons

  • "Teaching" in TaijiFit - 3 lessons

  • Safety and Special Populations - 6 lessons

  • The TaijiFit Brand - 2 lessons

  • Leading Online Flow - 4 lessons (live)

  • Basic Seated Flow Routine - 10 lessons

  • Final Exam (live)

Our Recruiting and Placement Program:​

As a certified TaijiFit instructor, you will have the opportunity to become part of the nationwide network of instructors who work with our healthcare and corporate wellness partners. TaijiFit has entered into a unique relationship with the country's largest hospital system and the largest health care provider to provide community Tai Chi classes to more than 9 million eligible members. The purpose of the Instructors Network is to assist you in growing your business by giving you access and promoting you to this special population.

NOTE: Being a part of the network means you meet the highest professional standards of Tai Chi teachers. Requirements include being a fully certified TaijiFit instructor, passing a criminal background check, providing proof of minimum liability insurance, having an NPI number, TIN, and having a business license for your state. The annual license fee for maintaining membership in the network is $99, and a requirement for continuing education.