Tai Chi for Veterans

 Our Vets get FREE Tai Chi. You get paid. 

Grow Your Own Successful Wellness Business

Help Others Towards Wholeness

Why Tai Chi Is Great For Our Veterans

Helps With PTSD

Helps Reduce Anxiety

Improves Balance

Can Be Practiced By All Ages

Can Be Practiced Seated

Boosts Cognitive Abilities

A Taijifit Certification Comes With

Many Benefits 

TaijiFit is the official certification for the VA

TaijiFit Certification is the recognized form for the Tai Chi for Veterans project. It is a healing routine that can be taught by all ages.

Earn Full-Time
Income, Part-Time

The generous payout from the Veterans Administration is $35 dollars per vet, per class. You could work to take that extra week on your vacation or turn it into a full-time career.

Join a community of world changers

We are a big-hearted bunch with a passion for seeing others become whole. There is a motto around here, "When one is not whole, the whole world is not whole". We are here to change that!

TaijiFit is the official certification for the VA

Learn 18 movements, and 2 beginner routines

Average 45 Days to Complete

Focus on routine over "perfect form"

All ages can participate

Online Training From the Comfort of Your Home

What's The Mission?

How The Tai Chi For Veterans Program Works

This is a federally funded program that pays instructors to teach Tai Chi classes to Veterans. The veterans get a referral from their doctor and get to take the class for free. The VA then pays the instructor for their service. The average payout currently is $35 per vet, per class! With a little bit of work, you can turn this into a great income while helping a severely underserved demographic.


The classes are not held in VA hospitals and have to be hosted in other locations. We are currently working to build our network of locations for instructors, but this would be something you would have to secure as an independent contractor. Qualified locations would include YMCA's, Senior Centers, Gyms, Community Centers, Parks, or Yoga Studios to name a few. There is one stipulation with the venue location; if the county VA medical center already offers Tai Chi in their facility, then the Veteran must attend that class. However, if it takes the Veteran an average of 30 minutes to drive to that VA facility, they would qualify to take outside classes hosted by you. If the VA medical center doesn't offer Tai Chi, then the distance is not an issue. 


Our company TaijiFit holds the exclusive contract to build out the network for this program, and we work with Optum Health (the insurance provider) and the VA. This program falls under a new initiative called the Community Care Network, which is a health provider network the VA utilizes to give Veterans timely, high-quality care.


Our certification program (which also includes joining the network) is more about learning how to teach a class of individuals (to the VA guidelines) rather than teaching them a form of Tai Chi. You will learn how to teach Tai Chi, but again the emphasis is on the teaching method.


The program is entirely online with 1/2 consisting of pre-recorded modules, and the other half live lessons. This course is a 150-hour program which takes on average 45 days to complete. When you get certified through TaijiFit you also will be inputted into the Tai Chi for Veterans system to be recognized as a provider within the network. When veterans get referred within your county, your name and location will show up on a list for when they are searching out a class.


This is a brand-new program and we are in the beginning phases of building out the network. Not every county in every state is live yet, but the majority of the East Coast will be up and running by the beginning of 2020. Right now the states east of Texas don't have a go-live date. As we get more info on these areas, we will provide updates.


There is a $99 yearly renewal fee to keep your certification current.



*As an instructor you are considered an independent contractor and are not employed by either the VA or TaijiFit.

Where Is This Program Offered?

All States/Counties Live by Spring 2020*

Go-Live Dates are To Be Determined

*Go-Live rollout goes in phases by county. Some counties in green states are already live.

Want To Learn More?

Tai Chi for Veterans is a program that helps us give back to those who gave so much for our democracy. It's also a program that is going to turn the fitness world on its head. 

You don't need to have a fitness background to participate, you just need a willingness to learn and help those who are in need. Tai Chi is a slow-moving, low impact activity that can be taught and enjoyed across multiple generations. ​


​Book a call with a pre today to find out if this program is right for you!


Who Should Become A TaijiFit Instructor?

Established Fitness Professionals

If you already run a fitness or yoga studio, a TaijiFit certification is a great addition to your business. The payout for hosting Tai Chi for Veterans classes is unprecedented and will disrupt the fitness industry!

College Students

Part-Time or Retired Workers

If you looking for part-time work or are retired looking to help others (and afford to bring the grandkids on that next vacation), then this opportunity is great for you. To stay eligible for the program you need to teach only 1 class a month!

Say no to student debt! The payout for classes is unprecedented. A TaijFit certification can allow you to pay off yoru debt while maintaining a high G.P.A.!

What You Get with Certification
  • Complete Online TaijiFit Course ($449 Value)

  • Access to Tai Chi For Veterans Network ($249 Value)

  • Marketing Materials to Help You Succeed ($199 Value) *Coming Soon*

  • Monthly Live Hangouts with David-Dorian Ross ($99 Value)

  • Build Clientele Outside Vets Community (Be Your Own Boss...Priceless!)

Marcus Julian Carbo | PA

"As a veteran who found Tai Chi to be a literal lifesaver, learning to deliver its benefits in an easily digestible, instantly beneficial, and, most importantly, fun manner, has been an amazing experience." 

Ron Pfeiffer | WI

"Professional, Helpful, and Encouraging; These three adjectives sum up my experience with TaijiFit and the Tai Chi for Veterans program!"


Tai Chi for Veterans in a Nutshell

Vet Gets

Doctor Referral

Vet Signs Up

For Class

Instructor Teaches Class

Veteran Feels Better

Instructor Gets Paid