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The Ultimate Guide to Tai Chi for Beginners

holistic health tai chi Jul 07, 2021

Many people want to get healthier and reduce stress levels, but they don't know where to begin. 

Hundreds of years after its invention, tai chi continues to be a form practiced by millions worldwide.

The truth is that tai chi can help you become more physically fit and improve your health in many different ways.

By reading this blog post, you will learn about the history of tai chi and how it works, and what benefits you can expect from practicing regularly.

You'll also find a great resource at the end that will teach you everything else you need to know about getting started with tai chi today!

What is Tai Chi?

Tai chi is ancient Chinese martial arts and self-defense practice that has been around for 2000 years. It is known for its slow, flowing movements designed to promote relaxation and balance while strengthening the body.

Today tai chi has become widely known for helping with many different health conditions and as a low-impact exercise rather than a self-defense...

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Zen in Motion: Live in Abundance with Tai Chi Chuan

holistic health tai chi Jun 02, 2021

We all want to live in abundance, but it's hard when you're stressed and overworked.

Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art that emphasizes relaxation and meditation as much as physical practice.

Practicing Tai Chi Chuan can help you achieve the mental state of being calm yet alert, which is perfect for living an abundant life!

However, Tai Chi Chuan has become mischaracterized and misunderstood with its transition into the western world.

This blog will help shed light on this beautiful holistic health practice and how you can incorporate it into your life!

The Meaning Behind T'ai Chi

T'ai Chi Ch'uan (Taiji or Tai Chi) began as a martial arts practice that dates back to 700-800 years! It was said to be started by a Monk named Zhang San Feng.

The tai chi principles of this fighting art are:

  1. Harmony with oneself 
  2. Harmony with one's environment 
  3. Living in the present moment 
  4. Being gentle to both oneself and others 
  5. Doing what needs to be done.

History of T'ai Chi and...

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Tai Chi Forms | Everything You Need to Know About This Healthy Exercise

holistic health tai chi May 18, 2021

There are many different types of tai chi, and each one is used for a specific purpose. 

Tai Chi can be practiced for self-defense, as a therapeutic exercise, or to maintain good health. But how do you know which type of tai chi to practice?

We've done the research so that you don't have to! This article will discuss the origins of Tai Chi, the importance of Tai Chi, and what Tai Chi forms are best suited for beginners. You'll also find out about some lesser-known forms that aren't well known in America but are very popular in China.

What are the forms of Tai Chi Chuan?

There are different forms of Tai Chi, and they are all beneficial for other reasons.

The Long Form (traditional form) is a slow, low-impact form that improves balance, flexibility, strength, and stamina as you progress through difficulty levels. It can be done in any environment - on your own or with others.

The Yang style Tai chi Chuan is an example of long-form Tai Chi.

The Short Form is a condensed and...

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Learning Tai Chi From Home: All Your Important Questions Answered

holistic health tai chi Apr 27, 2021

Have you lately been feeling stressed out? Negative news, global pandemics, and isolation haven't been easy on anyone.

To make matters worse, you probably feel like you are neglecting your health when you sit around. It's tough to feel motivated to work out when you feel like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders.

Luckily, there's an often overlooked but very effective and easy way to take care of yourself from home. Tai Chi can quickly be learned with an instructor online or by following along with some videos.

Another fantastic benefit when you learn tai chi at home is you can participate either standing or seated. This is great for individuals in their golden years or those who have physical limitations.

As long as you can find 10 minutes out of your day to practice some Tai Chi, you will be on your way towards better health.

When you practice this holistic health routine you will:

  • Strengthen your core
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Better your balance
  • Improve...
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This low-impact fitness class will change the way you think about exercising!

  • Great for anyone and any age who wants to get fit
  • A unique way to de-stress that offers fast results
  • Incorporates stretching, relaxation, meditation, and movement