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The Importance of Static and Dynamic Stretching (And Which to Choose)

Jim and Sarah had been working out at the same gym for years. Jim was always reluctant to do dynamic stretching before and after his workout. He thought he didn't need it because Jim was thinner and, therefore, less prone to injury (or so he thought).

One day, Jim threw his back out from one of his intense workouts on the bench press machine. This injury kept him from being able to go to the gym for 3 months! He got fat and no longer hung out with Sarah. She, ironically enough, became really ripped from her post-workout stretching routine! She could finally focus all of her attention on her holistic health without having to worry about Jim getting hurt by not doing a dynamic warm up or cool-down.

This story is fictional, but it paints a picture. Stretching is vital to keeping your body healthy for the long term.

So let's talk about stretching, shall we? This topic often comes up in the fitness world because it is difficult to find someone like Jim who doesn't believe they need to...

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Sports Injuries Prevention | 8 Holistic Health Baby Steps You Can Start Today

Sports injuries are plaguing people more than ever before. Many of these sports injuries can cause long-term pain and be difficult to recover from. Current fitness routines may get you looking good but can break your body down slowly over time. This makes you vulnerable to a long-term sports injury. Worst case scenario, you have to stop doing an activity you love altogether. Our current fitness industry is broken. Have you ever felt (literally) that it might be breaking your body?

It's not news that holistic health methods are gaining traction in the field of fitness training. The old ways of traditional, structured exercise and activities have left many people feeling flat-out burnt out after just a week. Now with an abundance of options at their fingertips, they can explore what types of wellness they might need or want. Holistic health fitness can increase flexibility and have better effectiveness in sports injury prevention.

So to do if you want to stay playing in "the...

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