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How to Become a Successful Group Fitness Instructor in 2021

Teaching group fitness used to be a challenging career path. You had to rely on your connections and the relationships that you built with other instructors.

You had to find a gym that would take a chance on you and allow you to become a group exercise instructor.

This way of doing group fitness is no longer the case.

You can become a certified group fitness instructor on the internet through different group fitness certification programs that will teach you everything you need to know about fitness training, teaching group workouts, designing workouts for specific populations, etc.

Also, with internet technologies, you can leverage to put you in the driver's seat to success as a group exercise coach that was unimaginable a few years ago.

However, the fitness industry has changed drastically over the past few years, making it easier than ever before for anyone who wants to become a group fitness instructor in 2021!

This blog post will discuss how you can become a...

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10 Personal Trainer Marketing Strategies for Online Success

As a fitness instructor, you know that running a successful business can be hard work. It requires long hours and commitment to see results, especially when you are starting.


You have probably been thinking about moving your business online for quite some time now, but the thought of it is overwhelming. You need to take care of so many things to create an effective online presence, such as social media management, email marketing campaigns, blogging, and more. The problem with this is that most people who start their businesses don't have any experience in digital marketing strategies. They end up spending way too much money on creating ineffective websites with poor messaging.


We created this blog post specifically for people like yourself who want to get started with digital marketing but feel overwhelmed by all the steps involved.


We're going to explore 10 different successful strategies for online marketing in the fitness industry!


1. Define your...

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4 Most Common Questions About Hosting Virtual Group Fitness Classes

You need to bring your clients to virtual fitness group classes.

Do you want to make more money? How about more time? More clients? Getting your fitness business online is the key to all of these things.

It's vital more than ever, to move to virtual fitness classes. Even though gyms are opening back up, your business is still vulnerable if you only teach in person.

Also, people now enjoy working out at home- a place they know well that provides convenience and comfort. It can make it very difficult to retain your clients in person and even more challenging to market to new clients.

Luckily for you, we've put together this guide that will help you create your own virtual online group fitness classes or private classes.

Don't worry; we will try and make this easy to understand and implement, so you spend more time teaching students than worrying about technical things.

The four key points we will discuss are:

1) Which platforms should you use?
2)What type of equipment do you need?

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This low-impact fitness class will change the way you think about exercising!

  • Great for anyone and any age who wants to get fit
  • A unique way to de-stress that offers fast results
  • Incorporates stretching, relaxation, meditation, and movement