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What is Holistic Health? Everything You Need To Know About Healthy Living

holistic health Apr 23, 2021

We all know that being healthy is essential, but making health and wellness a priority can be complex. 

Most of us are so busy with work and relationships that we lose focus on our healthcare.

 A quote on holistic health wellness

But there's good news!

Holistic health offers you the components to control your own wellness by focusing on each aspect of your life.

By becoming a practitioner of a holistic health care approach, you'll find yourself feeling healthier and more energized than ever before without having to make drastic lifestyle changes or sacrifices.

What is meant by holistic health?

 The 4 principles of a person with body mind health

Holistic health care focuses on training to improve your: mental, physical, social, and spiritual.

These four holistic health pillars provide a framework for wellness that can be applied at any point in the lifespan.

Holistic Health For Your Health and Wellness 

Benefits for Emotional health: 

A holistic health care approach to wellness can help you prevent and manage stress,...

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Mental Fitness: The Key to Reaching Peak Level of Wellness

holistic health Apr 22, 2021

Do you want to operate at a peak level of wellness? The truth is, most fitness programs only get you halfway up the mountain. The idea of health-related fitness has been reduced down to just 5 components: Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscle Strength, Muscle Endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition). These 5 components are essential pieces of fitness, but it isn't the whole picture. You can not ignore mental fitness and when you are on the journey towards a high level of wellness.

We need to start training our emotions as hard as we train our bodies. This is the only way for us to reach Total Wellness.

Total Wellness = Mental Fitness + Physical Fitness

So, how do we begin to change and improve our mental fitness alongside our physical? Well, we first are going to look at why we need to develop mental fitness, then we will give you a recommended holistic exercise to try.

Mental fitness beings with self-awareness

Self-awareness is something that a lot of people just ignore....

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Health Related Fitness | How Holistic Fitness Maximizes the 5 Key Components

holistic health Apr 21, 2021

It's no secret that the world is dealing with a physical and emotional health epidemic. Are you bombarded by messages telling you to "live your best life" or "hustlers don't sleep; they nap"? What does this even mean anyway, and how is it affecting our health?

Here's food for thought, your best life isn't "out there," but by how you manage what's "in there." (Point to your chest right now!)

Everyone has their own personal definition of what it means to live healthier. For some people, eating healthy means going vegan or gluten-free; for others, it might be cutting out sugar to lose weight or prevent diabetes. And then, some think living healthier is about looking good at all costs while avoiding the emotional component altogether.

The problem is, if you don't take care of your mind and body holistically, it will catch up to you. Understanding how a holistic approach to your health will positively impact all aspects of your total health-related fitness is vital.

If you are struggling...

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Holistic Health Habits for Busy People | Keep Your Health a Priority With Actionable Steps

Now is the time for you to be good to yourself because you deserve it! With the constant noise of this modern world, it's easy to feel constantly off balance. And look, we get that your time is limited. To even find 30 minutes of quiet to re-center might seem impossible. But you know what? You need to make time for yourself.

The truth is that we all have a finite amount of energy and to be fully functioning. So you need to be strategic when it comes to taking care of your physical and mental health. It also needs to be easy! We want to make sure that we are creating little habits we can do throughout our day that create BIG long-term results.

We will show you simple holistic health care tips that you can do daily. It's not as hard as you think, and the benefits are immediate. First, let's show you how to take care of your mental state with some easy techniques to balance out your moods and emotions. Next, we'll show you about physical fitness and all the ways that movement can...

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Joint and Muscle Pain Relief | What The Other Sites Won't Tell You

Do you have aching joints and muscles? Do you feel like your pain is not going away, no matter how much time you spend stretching, icing, or resting? You are not alone. Lots of people experience some form of joint or muscle pain every day. What the other sites aren't telling you is that the cause of your pain is stress. We want to outline for you some not-so-obvious ways anxiety is creeping into your life and destroying your body. So here it is, the major paradigm shift to the source of your joint and muscle pain...

Joint and muscle pain is not just a symptom of an injury; it could also be your body's natural response to stress.

That's right, stress could be causing your joint and muscle pain. It's crucial to find a way to handle the stressors that could be causing this pain. Unfortunately, many of us have not been trained to handle emotional problems. 

Let me throw another paradigm shift at you...

You've been strength training for the wrong type of fight.

The current...

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11 Easy Tips For Joint Pain Relief with Holistic Health

Do you experience chronic joint pain and looking for relief? There are many reasons why our joints wear down over time. It could be from sports injuries, arthritis, over-exertion in the gym, or the natural degeneration of joints as we age. It doesn't help us that we spend hours slumped over desks at our jobs on computer screens. This position can create neck, shoulder, and back pain. The increase in joint pain has been rising because of this type of posture.

Joint pain can range from minor annoyance all the way to debilitating pain. Some people are so affected by their joint and muscle pains that they cannot perform activities we take for granted, such as cooking, driving a car, or carrying their kids. I assure you, though, that there is hope! Many studies have been done on how holistic health routines can help you relieve your joints from the aches caused over time in your day-to-day lives.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the secret to relief from joint and muscle pain, but it...

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Sports Injuries Prevention | 8 Holistic Health Baby Steps You Can Start Today

Sports injuries are plaguing people more than ever before. Many of these injuries can cause long-term pain and be difficult to recover from. Current fitness routines may get you looking good but can break your body down slowly over time. This makes you vulnerable to long-term injuries. Worst case scenario, you have to stop doing an activity you love altogether. Our current fitness industry is broken. Have you ever felt (literally) that it might be breaking your body?

It's not news that holistic health methods are gaining traction in the field of fitness training. The old ways of traditional, structured exercise and activities have left many people feeling flat out burnt out after just a week. Now with an abundance of options at their fingertips, they can explore what types of wellness they might need or want. Holistic health fitness can increase flexibility and have better effectiveness in preventing injuries.

So what should you do if you want to stay playing in "the game"?


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Holistic Health Fitness: Why Physical Strength Isn't Enough to Beat Today's Challenges

The fitness industry is broken so let's start a revolution! Holistic Health is often misunderstood and ignored (or considered secondary) by the fitness world. Emotional wellness must be a priority in order to tackle all the challenges that we face with our day-to-day lives, which can lead to burnout and a declining quality of life. The goal of holistic training is not just for your physical strength, but also to build your mind so you can be mentally ready to face the challenges life has for us.

What do you think of when you hear "Fitness Industry"?

When we hear the words "fitness industry," our minds often think of a company or individual pushing their products on the world. Gradual, long-term success doesn't rely on physical strength alone but also mental resilience and happiness. This rings true for all walks of life, not just fitness gurus who push themselves to unsustainable levels with quick results. We believe as you change your perspective on your fitness routine towards...

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