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How The Power of Intention Will Improve Your Life

May 20, 2021

Most people are living their lives on autopilot. They go to work, come home and watch TV and repeat the next day. The problem with this is that they never get anywhere or achieve anything because they aren't intentional about what they want in life and how to get it. 

Being more intentional will help you find true happiness in your life. Suppose you can learn how to be more purposeful about everything you do.

In that case, you will be able to live a much happier, successful, productive life!

To become more intentional, we have to change our habits for the better. We have to stop doing things that don't matter and focus on being present to do the things that matter!

In this blog post, I will share 5 ways the power of intention can lead to increased abundance in all aspects of your life.

Our intention creates our reality - Dr. Wayne Dyer

How does the Power of Intention work?

Our intention is the power to take back control over the purpose in our lives.

When we are intentional about something, we have the power to make a decision and act to reach our goal or desired outcome.

Often times we are unconsciously paralyzed by ego and insecurities, so we have to retrain our state of mind.

Our thoughts are a real thing. They are like seeds that sprout and create our reality. We have a level of power over every part of them. When you think about something enough, it's like planting a seed that the universe will grow.

It may take time for your intention to manifest physically in this world. Still, if you keep working at it every day, sooner or later, you will make progress on your desires.

Now that we have a general understanding of how the power of intention works let's jump into how you can get started with your intentionality today!

an infographic explaining the powerful force of intent on the body and mind

Tip #1 | Being With Your End in Mind

This will get a little morbid, and it might make you slightly uncomfortable, but please stay with me here!

The cold hard truth is that one day we will die. I know, I know. It's not a happy thought, but we have to be aware of it because we can't change this inevitable truth.

We need to harness this truth, so we can start having intention in everything we do.

What thing do you want to create and be known for?

What good do you want to see because you made an effort to make a positive change in this world?

Think about what you would say if someone asked, "What was your reason in life?"

There's nothing more powerful for your self-development than understanding what path you want to travel.

It will help you set the right intentions and priorities throughout your days.

Tip #2 | Get rid of anything that doesn't support your intention

Ask yourself what is keeping you from achieving your goals. What do you need to let go of?

If you want more time with family:

Put boundaries around your work. It could be as simple as "At 5 pm, I turn off all my electronics." This way, you set yourself up for success to be present with your family.

If you want to get your body in the best shape of your life:

Say you want to live a healthier lifestyle. Then set a goal to work out at least 3 times a week and eliminate one food groups that contribute to negative weight gain.

If you want to grow in your career:

If you want to become more valuable in the marketplace, maybe it's sacrificing the time spent scrolling through social media or watching TV. But, instead, when you could put your energy into reading a book on leadership skills or working on a business plan.

The power of intention is not just thinking about what we hope will happen but taking deliberate action to make it happen.

What is your intention? What is the essence of the life you want to live? Then, identify the steps and start putting effort to achieve what you desire. The power is yours!

Tip #3 | Visualize the outcome of your intentions

Visualization is a powerful tool to use when it comes to setting intentions. It helps you see the outcome of what will happen once your intention is obtained.

It's a good idea to visualize in your mind all the steps that are required for you to achieve this goal. Then, consider how much time and effort each step may take.

This will help you prepare your mind and spirit for the journey ahead. In turn, visualization can also make it easier to stick to your intentions when the going gets tough. This will also prevent you from giving up too soon before reaching your goal.

It's a good idea to write down your intention as well in some way. Whether this is in a journal or you put a notification on your phone.

Have something to remind you of your daily intention so you can always have it top of mind.

It's also good to put deadlines as you are more likely to accomplish goals when you do so.

The law of attraction:

The power of visualizing one's self moving towards your intended intention attracts resources to you.

As you surrender yourself to taking consistent action, magical things can happen.

Energy to support your mission will start to come from the universe (or God, or whatever spiritual belief you hold), and favorable results will begin.

When your direction is clear and focused, others will become inspired and attracted to your life's mission.


Tip #4 | Meditate and reflect on your intentions

A lady meditating and connecting with spiritual and universal kindness

Meditation is a great way to harness the power of intention.

Meditation is the process of taking a moment to quiet your mind, get focused and self-reflective, and center yourself.

In this meditative state, you can tap into an infinite well of power and love.

We can use meditation as a way to harness your intentions for success in all areas of life.

Meditation has great importance for keeping yourself "in the moment."

Sometimes, we need to pause and take in what's happening around us before taking action on what we intend for our life. 

We must not be just living for the future or past because this can create more happiness, success, and satisfaction and lead to other states of being like peace, calmness, and clarity.

Tip #5 | The Power of Intention Grows With Time

People want to feel happiness, love, and joy in their lives. This is something that no one needs to be convinced of.

However, to experience everything the power of intention can offer you takes energy.

To realize your intention will come from consistency and follow-through.

It takes time to develop a commitment that will make you feel more fulfilled in your life and see a result.

What you intend for yourself will never be enough to live into and experience all your life can be in this world.

To be most successful, you need to stay in a state of continuous improvement and self-reflection.

I think the power of intention was summed up best by author Carlos Castaneda:

"Intention is not a thought, or an object, or a wish. The intent is what can make a man succeed when his thoughts tell him that he is defeated. It operates in spite of the warrior's indulgence. Intent is what makes a man invulnerable. Intent is the force that sends a shaman through a wall, through space, to infinity."


The power of intention is a powerful force that grows with a person over time.

If you want to start, it's never too late, so practice these tips today.

Remember that life is a journey and not a destination. It might be difficult at first to really know what you desire and want to work towards. 

Listen to your inner-person and start with small goals that you can achieve quickly. These small wins will energize and motivate you to make progress on to your bigger desires!

Share your intentions with others, and be sure to share your progress in the comments below so we can be a part of your journey!

We look forward to hearing about how much better your life has become due to this post.

Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic day!

A man with a peaceful and universal mind

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