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Zen in Motion: Live in Abundance with Tai Chi Chuan

Jun 02, 2021

We all want to live in abundance, but it's hard when you're stressed and overworked.

Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art that emphasizes relaxation and meditation as much as physical practice.

Practicing Tai Chi Chuan can help you achieve the mental state of being calm yet alert, which is perfect for living an abundant life!

However, Tai Chi Chuan has become mischaracterized and misunderstood with its transition into the western world.

This blog will help shed light on this beautiful holistic health practice and how you can incorporate it into your life!

The Meaning Behind T'ai Chi

T'ai Chi Ch'uan (Taiji or Tai Chi) began as a martial arts practice that dates back to 700-800 years! It was said to be started by a Monk named Zhang San Feng.

The tai chi principles of this fighting art are:

  1. Harmony with oneself 
  2. Harmony with one's environment 
  3. Living in the present moment 
  4. Being gentle to both oneself and others 
  5. Doing what needs to be done.

History of T'ai Chi and Zhang San Feng

Zhang San Feng was a Taoist monk who lived in the late 13th century. He has created t'ai chi chuan as an art of self-defense, and many believe he used it to heal people suffering from illness or injury.

The Chinese character for t'ai chi means "supreme ultimate," which represents the universe. Thus, Tai Chi is the yin and yang, while Chuan is often referred to as Kung Fu today.

Tai Chi is considered an internal self-defense activity and focuses more on breath, meditation, and health exercise than the martial arts fighting aspect.

The Modern Interest in Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi practice in western culture has become popular over the last few decades. This is because it is a gentle, low-impact activity done by all fitness types.

It's become popular in older populations because of the ability to do it sitting down and the improvement of body balance in seniors.

It has many benefits, such as stress relief, improved balance and body posture, and increased energy levels.

In addition to these benefits, it is also said that tai chi chuan has a positive impact on mood disorders such as anxiety, stress, and depression.

The tai chi chuan originated in China but has spread throughout the world, including Europe, where it was first introduced and then later in the United States.

How to recognize T'ai Chi

T'ai Chi Ch'uan is a martial art style, and it looks deliberate yet natural.

Its gentle, flowing movements are slow and controlled, with more attention to breathing than the speed of execution.

There will be no abrupt stopping or starting, other than at the beginning and end of each form.

However, there is also short form Tai Chi which comprises 24 different movements.

Five forms of Tai Chi

Tai Chi has evolved into different styles throughout the years.

These are:

  • The Yang Style Tai Chi, which is considered to be the most popular form of Tai Chi.
  • The Chen Style Tai Chi has a short range of motion and includes faster, more violent actions such as chops and slaps.
  • The Wu Style Tai Chi has fewer external movements and has functional movements for defense training.
  • The Sun Style Tai Chi is more fluid and has less punching and kicking. Sun Style is ideal for beginners. 
  • Hao Style of Tai Chi is a rare form. You most likely won't find a teacher for Hao Style in the Western areas.

Health benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi has been proven to have many medical benefits.

Some of these include improving balance, increasing strength in the arms and legs, stamina in your joints for better movement and flexibility, and improving your mental health by helping with anxiety or depression.

Tai chi can reduce chronic pain as well.

Some other benefits are that it can help with body weight and cholesterol.

Tai chi has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve mood, increase your energy levels, and reduce stress.

In a study, Tai Chi was shown to lower the risk of type II diabetes in adults!

Fibromyalgia is another health ailment that Tai Chi has been shown to help.

How to recognize a good t'ai chi teacher?

When looking for Tai Chi classes, you first need to define what you are looking for out of the training.

If you are looking for traditional Chinese martial arts training, you will want to find someone who is well studied and knowledgeable in the full breadth of tai chi.

Tai Chi Chuan teachers often have their own style. They will want you to follow theirs exclusively and overemphasize form and discipline.

However, suppose you are looking to become a practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan for its health benefits. In that case, you will look for different characteristics in your teacher.

It is essential to look for a teacher who is concerned with helping you and understands your health conditions.

They should be more concerned with assisting you in experiencing "flow" or that connection to your life energy.

Why you should learn Tai Chi

Learning Tai Chi is an excellent exercise option for both your body and mind.

The fluid motions and the focus on your breathing can help practitioners balance their energy and meditate.

People with a lack of physical strength will also find that Tai Chi can help build muscle strength without putting too much pressure on the joints. This makes it an excellent exercise option for seniors or those recovering from injury.


I hope you found this an engaging read and will consider adding Tai Chi Chuan to your life. This ancient practice has been shown to improve health, relaxation, well-being, and longevity. The best way to experience it for yourself!

We have a 10 Minute Tai Chi Flow Experience that is free and available to you today. This will get you introduced to the beautiful benefits of Tai Chi Chaun right now.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to reach out anytime! Thank you again for reading my blog post on how Tai Chi Chuan could change your life forever!

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