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Holistic Health | A Lady Looking Stressed After Physical Workout

Holistic Health Fitness: Why Physical Strength Isn't Enough to Beat Today's Challenges

Apr 13, 2021

The fitness industry is broken so let's start a revolution! Holistic Health is often misunderstood and ignored (or considered secondary) by the fitness world. Emotional wellness must be a priority in order to tackle all the challenges that we face with our day-to-day lives, which can lead to burnout and a declining quality of life. The goal of holistic training is not just for your physical strength, but also to build your mind so you can be mentally ready to face the challenges life has for us.

What do you think of when you hear "Fitness Industry"?

When we hear the words "fitness industry," our minds often think of a company or individual pushing their products on the world. Gradual, long-term success doesn't rely on physical strength alone but also mental resilience and happiness. This rings true for all walks of life, not just fitness gurus who push themselves to unsustainable levels with quick results. We believe as you change your perspective on your fitness routine towards greater longevity in health you'll see how much mental strength and a holistic fitness approach plays into your life journey and ultimately helps you accomplish your goals.

Did you know that the current state of the fitness industry could be causing you long-term harm?

In order to stay healthy in today's world, we need all-around training (both body and mind). We're so focused on physical strength that mental health and emotional wellness are often neglected – but they should also be priorities for everyone who wants a happy life. Focusing only on physical strength can ironically lead to diminished longevity in your physical strength.

Exercises like cross-fit and weightlifting can cause overuse injuries, which lead to burnout and a declining quality of life.

The goal for your workout routine shouldn't be to have a "ripped" body but to have a well-rounded holistic workout routine that is just as dedicated to building your emotional strength as well as physical strength. This way your overall health optimized to face the real challenges of today. Building muscle mass without addressing emotional wellness may result in only temporary benefits that fade away quickly with time – especially since emotional challenges are the majority of fights that we are battle with on a day-to-day basis!

Physical strength will always be a weak competitor when up against foes like anxiety, depression, and anger. We need to re-train our idea around what the fitness industry should be shooting to accomplish and our view on holistic fitness.

Holistic Health is not just about feeling good.

Holistic health is not just about feeling good. It's also important to think of the big picture and understand that our emotional well-being comes from more than simply being happy, but how we are able to persevere and remain in control when life gets hard. The idea of holistic health is not new. It's been around for centuries, but something changed somewhere in people's wellness journeys. We have lost sight of this concept: The need to balance both physical strength AND emotional well-being.


When we neglect our emotional well-being, it shows in our physical health. As stress levels are at an all-time high for most people, a holistic health approach to enhance our total health and wellness will be the key to longevity. Imagine the power you would feel if you could instantly soothe any anxiety or stress that comes. To not have your day ruined when negativity and fearful content are showing up in your social media feeds.

Do you become flustered and defensive when someone points out a flaw that's causing tension? Imagine what it would feel like to not get reactive but able to hear them out and even feel compassion for their perspective. Imagine how much healthier and happier your relationships would be. This is the power of a holistic health approach that includes emotional work in your workout routine!

Holistic Health has been unfairly labeled as new-age.

Holistic health is nothing more than a term that describes the idea of a complete, well-rounded approach to health and wellness. It basically means that you don't have one aspect as the focal point for your workout routine - it's all about the balance!

Holistic fitness embraces our whole selves in each moment...our physical strength (including cardio), mental strength, and self-awareness. If physical fitness is training you to be able to fight against physical threats, then holistic fitness would be training you to battle against emotional and mental threats. The truth is that we can't just rely on physical strength if our goal in life really does involve longevity, healthiness & happiness! Reinforcing the idea of holistic exercise as a necessary part of your daily routine will make your life more sustainable - because holistic workouts can be just as strengthening for the body, more beneficial for the long-term, and dare we say it, more fun!

Did you know that the current state of the fitness industry is more focused on popularity than your physical and emotional well-being?

Have you ever taken a look through Instagram and seen an incredibly fit, healthy person and thought, "I can't believe there are people who look like that"?

It can be frustrating to feel like the fitness industry is more of a beauty contest than it is about health and longevity. We actually follow the fads that lead to a life of chronic pain and fatigue, not to mention the mental health that we are ignoring. When was the last time you walked away from a popular fitness model's Instagram feeling encouraged and edified about the current state of your own fitness?

Feeling insecure about your physical fitness can give you the impression that you're not doing a good enough job, which makes it difficult to keep going. We also are getting sold the idea of quick results which keeps us coming back for more but never getting the results we want. Fitness is an industry that thrives on keeping us feeling "not enough". Maintaining a physical body is one thing, but you need to train your emotional health in order for all the pieces to fit together into a healthy and fulfilling life.

Holistic Health Fitness means being able to do the things you love even into old age.

Happiness is not a destination, it's a journey. You don't have to stop living life just because you get older and your body changes with age - in fact, that might be when we are at our best! The fountain of youth doesn’t reside within weight loss or physical strength alone but rather embracing mental health as well. What good is a "beautiful body" if the sacrifice is a mind that isn't healthy and free of destructive thoughts? There are exercises out there that can produce great physical strength and beauty AND achieve the type of emotional stability we are looking for. Studies have shown that individuals who not only practice physical strengthening but emotional strengthening prove to be less anxious, more confident, and better at managing their emotions when they face challenges.

The key is balance. You have to train your body at the physical level with balanced exercises and activities that will keep you healthy. Exercises like Yoga, Tai Chi, or even Dance can be a great physical and mental workout all-in-one. This way when we grow old, we're able-bodied for life's adventures while keeping our mental health in check too.

You've most likely been training to lose the fight against modern problems.

If you haven't gotten the point by now, then keep reading! The major challenges of today reside mostly in our minds. It's rare that we find ourselves in situations or problems which require brute physical strength.

Many of us are starting to feel like change is impossible. Whether this is internal change or external. Our minds are constantly in the fight and processing outside stimulus so densely that it's difficult to focus on what matters—to find time for yourself to recover from the mental clutter. These attacks on our mental psyche are leaving us feeling tired, emotionally drained, and in a constant state of "catching up".

A great way to break this cycle is through holistic health training—taking time for yourself, and discovering what it feels like when you are truly living your best life possible!

Holistic Health sounds spiritual, do I need to give my life over to something?

We all have personal viewpoints when it comes to spirituality and/or religion, so it's natural to be hesitant about the term "holistic health" because of its spiritual connotations. But the good news is that holistic health is not about any one religion or spiritual belief. It's actually an umbrella term for a variety of techniques and approaches that are designed to help you connect more deeply with yourself and live a more authentic and healthy life.

Challenges of the current state of Holistic Health Routines.

A holistic health routine might make you feel like your "slowing down time", but it may not give you the same feeling like your regular workout. That "good pain" when you focus on training certain muscle groups in your body. Things like meditation are strictly a mental workout with little physical conditioning. While you might feel resistance to your meditation routine, you might not really feel like you are working out.

But holistic training like Yoga or Tai Chi can definitely build your core, build your muscle and be meditative. A good place to start with holistic training is to add bits and pieces into your current workout routine. As the social consciousness of holistic wellbeing changes and the demand increases, we will start to see more mainstream workout routines that will incorporate both mental AND physical conditioning equally in the same workout.

So the Fitness Industry is broken and it's probably ruining my life, so what now?

The problem with the fitness industry is that it's not holistic health-driven, and in turn makes people focus on just their physical body and beauty as the end game. This can cause physical burn-out and a weak mental state which can lead to a feeling of fulfillment and defeat when it comes to modern-day life. The fitness industry's goal should be to make you thrive!

It doesn't have to be a challenge to find a holistic health fitness program that suits you. A couple of tricks you can implement today is to go for a 30-minute walk in a quiet without headphones or other distractions. Second, is to try a guided meditation for 15 minutes after your next workout routine. These two activities will help increase blood flow and release tension from your body while also relieving stress in the mind! With a couple of small changes, you can feel more refreshed now than ever before when taking on life's challenges!

The truth is that you can't just depend solely upon physical conditioning and expect it to carry over into all aspects of life. Ignoring your emotional well-being will eventually lead you down an unhealthy lifestyle path where you strive for physical beauty and endless youth. This cycle will erode your mental wellness and make you weak when it comes to fighting the real challenges of modern society. We want to become people who are able to stand up to the mental battles challenging us each and every day and have the confidence that we can win!

So are you ready to take on life's battles with a renewed sense of vigor? Then stop neglecting the emotional health and wellness that is available to you today. It is time for us all to focus our energy in this direction and force the fitness industry to do the same!

Exercise, like any other aspect of life, needs balance; it's crucial that we find ways to be physically active while also addressing mental well-being. The more balanced we are as an individual - mentally and emotionally - the better equipped we will be at tackling each day’s challenges head-on without giving up or burning out.

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