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TaijiFit Instructor Training

Find Inner Peace | Live a Healthy Life | Help Others


TaijiFit as Lifestyle


We believe in reconnecting with our minds, body, and spirit. TaijiFit Training teaches you how to find those "yummy" moments you don't want to leave, then being able to help others do the same!

TaijiFit As Medicine


Did you know that Tai Chi has many proven medical benefits? From reducing anxiety, increasing balance, and increasing blood flow. Tai Chi is great for living a healthier life!


TaijiFit As Meditation


TaijiFit is Meditation In Motion. Perfect for people who have a hard time sitting still, but still want to live in the moment.


Giving Back to our Veterans

Take your TaijiFit Certification to the next level! As a certified instructor you qualify you to be a part of the Veterans Administration's Community Care Network. This exclusive opportunity allows you to serve those who gave everything, and get paid for your work.

TaijiFit Certification Comes With Many Benefits

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