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With nearly 50 years of experience, Tai Chi Master David-Dorian Ross has created TaijiFit to bring Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, MBSR, and PMR modalities together to help others access the Flow State.

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Which of the three paths below is right for you?

Evolved Tai Chi

The Evolved Tai Chi program is a modern adaptation of traditional Tai Chi, emphasizing the attainment of Flow without complex routines. This approach aims to make Tai Chi more enjoyable and accessible to everyone. Participants can learn for personal benefit or pursue certification to become instructors. Graduates are eligible to teach in the VA’s Community Care Program.

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Free Tai Chi for Vets

We offer weekly classes at no cost to any Veteran or Veteran caregiver.

Tai Chi has been shown to alleviate PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and even help with addiction and suicidal thoughts. 

We also can help with resources, especially information about the Community Care program.

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Traditional Tai Chi

Our Traditional Tai Chi program follows the most recent update of Tai Chi teaching & practice methods, established about 75 years ago. This style emphasizes the perfection of form through a series of increasingly complex routines, along with the study of the underlying Principles as outlined in the Tai Chi Classics. This program will teach you to use Tai Chi as a moving meditation.

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what is the FLOW state?

Athletes refer to it as 'getting in the zone'. It's the runner's high, the effortless writing, the best conversation you've had in your life, the way things just seem to magically come together. 

In Japanese Buddhism, it's called Satori.  

It's a space where there is an absence of critical thinking, internal evaluation, or focus.

Flow is the word to describe that wonderful moment when all parts of you—mind, body, emotions, energy, and Spirit—come together and move you internally and externally in an effortless and joyful manner.

Flow is the most characteristic and unique feature of Tai Chi, and it's a central concept in the TaijiFit Method.


Becoming a Certified TaijiFit Instructor

Whether you choose to use your certification to teach others or further your own TaijiFit Method knowledge, the TaijiFit Academy Learning Path is a carefully plotted journey from an introductory level TaijiFit Fundamentals course to TaijiFit 300: The Philosophy of Flow.

FIRST, STEP Onto the learning path

Choose one of our TaijiFit Fundamentals courses to begin your TaijiFit Academy journey. 
These courses are open to anyone, from those with zero experience to our TaijiFit Instructors.

This course introduces the TaijiFit Method's principles for achieving 'the Zone' - a state of inner peace, clarity, and effortless success. Best of all, you’ll experience Flow for yourself!

Next new class begins in September of 2023. 


In this course we boil Tai Chi down to its essential building blocks. Every Master knows that the secret to Tai Chi lies in a proper foundation: alignment, breath, footwork and centering. When you learn the Essentials, the rest is... effortless!

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This course is a guide to Mindfulness, the path to understanding your true self. The Mindfulness Practices you learn in this class will teach you how to ignore distractions and focus on what really matters.

Next new class begins August, 2023. Get on the waiting list today.


NEXT, you'll take these three courses

These courses last 8 weeks. You will have one live hour-long class most weeks, a mentor that you meet with in a group, and access to learning materials in your TaijiFit Library. We offer these courses three times a year, with each one starting shortly after the preceding course. You will attend each one in order.

In this course you will learn more about Flow, a basic repertoire of Tai Chi and Qigong movements, the TaijiFit cueing method, safety protocols, use of music, observation and assessment skills, and much more.

In this course we take your TaijiFit Cueing skills to the next level, learn how to better manage the 'stress phenomena', learn about Near Flow and the difference between that and True Flow, and many other methods to remove Flow Blockers.

In this course we train you to respond to your own life challenges in a much different way than you are used to responding. We discuss the Ego, Resistance to Change, Judgmentalism, the Loss of Meaning. We also focusing on deepen your capacity for empathy.

maintaining your certification

TaijiFit is required to have ongoing yearly training for our certified Instructors. If an Instructor chooses to be part of the VA CCN, they are also required to renew their certification annually. 
More continuing education courses will be offered in the coming months.

Bamboo Fusion is a part of the TaijiFit Fusion Series curriculum that consists of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Meditation.

In this course, you'll be introduced to a basic repertoire of yoga asanas, and then to the seven combinations that make up your first Bamboo Fusion routine. You'll also learn about the Principle of Surrender, and how it is used to deepen the Flow Experience.

Iron Fusion is a part of the TaijiFit Fusion Series curriculum and is the blending of Tai Chi and resistance training

This course is an exercise in mindfulness—expanding your awareness, and deepening your sensitivity to yin and yang. This will help to experience a deeper level of flow, first with the body, then with mind, and finally with the energy of life—the Qi.

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